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Our Services

BGI Properties - BGI Properties provides exceptional consulting service in real estate sector. We offer a unique and reliable experience to clients as they explore real estate opportunities. Our property management services can be subdivided into commercial and residential and comprises mainly but not limited to the following; SALES/LEASE, DEVELOPMENT and MANAGEMENT.

Property Management - We carry out routine assessment of properties and provide the level of maintenance needed to increase value of our clients'. With an ownership mentality, we manage clients' properties; recommending repairs where needed and we establish the best market value possible

Attracting Tenants - We attract the most suitable tenant for our client through our client means of marketing which also includes the use of technology. We engage in letting/ leasing for and on behalf of our customers

Rent Collection Services - With us, rent collection is simple and seamless. Our rent collection services provide our clients with the easiest way to collect rents from tenants. We operate with fare but firm (F&F) collection policies, knowing the exact time to act to prevent and central rent delinquencies.

Sale/Purchase - We trade for and on behalf of our clients; we get the best deal possible, providing an opportunity for strategic and wise investment to yield the highest possible return.

Development - At BGI Properties we act as owner's representative, by directing and coordinating all the activities of involved in property development, from acquisition to design, renovation and construction. We guarantee swift, efficient decision-making and a single source of accountability, as all communications among the owner, contractors, and design team are channeled through us. We ensure personal attention to clients and details as we provide high quality standards of service. Our expertise includes development, renovation and construction of commercial and residential properties. We bring together and develop relationships with all parties involved in a project; owners, brokers, architects and financiers. We take a hands-on role in every step of your project.